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E-mail notifications for SVN & Trac (SDI 07 part VI)

Much of the email I get is actually not from users directly, but generated by some automated system in response to some event. We are all used to getting these kind of emails - if we sign up on a new Internet sit, buy tickets online or somebody throws a sheep at us on Facebook.

Since email is nearly ubiquitous and has many powerful tools for sorting, filtering, archiving or processing messages, it is a natural channel for delivering such automated notifications.

Since we set up an email distribution system in the last 2 episodes of our series on startup software development infrastructure, we can make use of it as well to distribute event notifications from the key systems in our software development workflow, which are the issue tracking and source code version control systems - Trac tickets and svn respectively in our case.

To enable email notification for every change to a trac ticket which concerns us, we only need to edit the notification section in the Trac config file at /data/sdi07/trac/conf/trac.ini based on the build-in documentation on the Trac wiki under TracNotification - basically something like:
smtp_enabled = true
smtp_server = localhost
smtp_from =
smtp_default_domain =
This assumes that there is an email account for each active trac/svn user in the system, but more about that in a later posting.

Since the evolution of the codebase is of great concern to anybody on the team, we would also like to send out a notification message every time a new change is submitted, since any change to the latest state in the repository could potentially affect what anybody is working on.

Subversion has a generic mechanism to trigger customized user actions at particular stages of its operations. If they exist, particular hook scripts located in the server repository hierarchy are executed - e.g. the post-commit hook each time after a new version has been committed.

Since commit notification emails is such a common feature, we can choose from a variety of existing solutions - the simplest one being from the svn contrib collection of hook scripts. In order to activate the hook, copy the script to /data/sdi07/svn/hooks/ and create a new file /data/sdi07/svn/hooks/post-commit with the following content:
/data/sdi07/svn/hooks/ ${REPOS} ${REV} --diff n -h localhost -s "[svn commit] " swdev
Both files should again be owned by the apache uid/gid and have execute permission. This very basic notification script will send out an e-mail with a diff for all changes submitted in a new repository revision, to the swdev mailing list which we previously created. More sophisticated scripts are availalbe - .e.g svnnotify which allows many options to customize formatting and distribution of checkin notification emails.