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GWT - An Experience Report

As noted before , I am not a big fan of JavaScript as a language for complex web application projects. Recently I got the chance to get some first-hand, comparative experience with GWT (Google Web Toollkit)  as part of an application re-write/upgrade. The original system was a web-app built web 1.5 style in Java, on top of the OpenSymphony WebWork  framework, combined with an XML based template engine and guice for dependency injection on the server side. On the client side, there was a growing amount of JavaScript code for each page, using the Closure JavaScript compiler and library . The app is reasonably non-trivial, resulting in about 40k client-side Java code after the rewrite. For a project of this nature and complexity, I am very positively surprised and impressed with GWT. For the base architecture of the new client, we had basically followed some of the best practices advice for large-scale GWT applications from GoogleIO talks in 2009 , 201 1 or in this document : use MVP

Why Time is hard

At least since the "Y2K problem" entered the public consciousness around the turn of the last century, nobody doubts that correctly representing time in computer systems is somehow hard. While today nobody is hopefully trying to save a few bytes by representing years in 2 digits, the state of time computations in many programming environment is still over-simplistic to say the least. Having (almost) gotten caught by surprise by last years changes to civil time in Russia, this article is an attempt to understand, what it takes to handle time somewhat correctly for business related computer applications. There are 2 common uses of time in computer systems: a monotonically increasing measure representing a global reference clock of some sorts and which can be used to determine an absolute ordering of all events in the system as well as their relative duration. Representation of civil time as it is used by communities of people living in some particular place to go about t