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Google+ - Social Network?

It's been about a year since Google+ launched with great fanfare and even greater anticipation in the tech media. Being late to the party of the currently much hyped "social networking" space, Google+ has the benefit of being of being a more polished and more thought out platform than some of the older, more established players. Being a very flexible and generic platform, launched without a particular pre-imposed usage or application, it was interesting to see how its usage would pan out. Before Google+, I was using at some point or another Linkedin for keeping track of the changing fortunes of my former colleagues Facebook for goofing around and keeping an eye on what friends and acquaintances were up to Blogger for potentially pubic postings which hardly anybody reads Flickr for public photo-sharing Twitter to try out what all the fuss was about  email for most of the purposeful communication with the inner circles of my social graph. On Google+ I was tr