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Look Ma, no Wires! Raspberry Pi Bluetooth tethering

Bluetooth is a relatively low-powered short-range wireless technology, which can among others provide a networking connection between devices and is widely supported in portable devices like laptops and mobile phones.  Low power and ubiquitous support should in principle make Bluetooth an ideal solution for tethering. Nothing beats the simplicity, robustness and performance of a simple Ethernet cable for a tethered network connection - as long as both devices support it. For the upcoming Raspberry Pi model A or certain ultra-portable devices without Ethernet port, Bluetooth might be serious option. Wi-fi would probably be the most obvious choice of wireless networking technology. However using the ad-hoc wi-fi hotspot option for tethering on my Android phone turns it into a pocket heater and drains the battery in no time  - while not so much when using Bluetooth tethering instead. Besides wi-fi networking is very well documented, while there is very little documentation for Blue