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Raspberry Pi tethering

 After some initial experiments  with using a Raspberry Pi as a home server, I wanted to try out some configurations  useful to the intended purpose of the Raspberry Pi: promote computer technology literacy among students. At least some of the initial feedback from trying to deploy Raspberry Pis in a classroom settings seems to indicate that getting the necessary hardware to operate the Pis is non-obvious. Setting up a room full of Pi based workstations requires HDMI or composite connected TVs or monitors, USB mice and keyboards, micro-USB power supplies and ethernet connectivity routed to each workstation. The cost and logistical complexity of doing that seems to defeat the initial low-cost advantage of the Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, many schools might already have fully equipped computer facilities with incompatible equipment (e.g. SVGA monitors, standard on any not-so-new PC), which could be used, but just not "messed with" for low-level programming and system admini