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Energy Storage and Flexible Demand - Two Sides of the Same Coin

 For this  previous post, we have built a very simplistic LP model to determine the optimal resource allocation for a power grid that is based on wind, solar and storage. This model has shown an obvious, significant need for storage to balance variable and non-dispatchable wind and solar generation to a fixed demand on timescales ranging from hourly to seasonal. The key to decarbonizing high emission sectors like transport, buildings and industry is going to be aggressive electrification of these sectors, which is going to increase electricity demand significantly and put a strain on aging power distribution infrastructure. The good news is that the vast majority of this new demand is going to be somewhat elastic and flexible in time - potentially at no extract cost  and without loss in comfort or quality of service. Instead of using storage to match variable supply to a rigid load, we can exploit demand flexibility to match  adaptive loads to existing supply and hence reduce the ne